Gongali Village School

Gongali Village School
children at the Gongali Village School, built by Primary Schools for Africa in Nov/Dec 2010

Wednesday, 22 November 2017




So finally, after...

-  a proposal submitted by Bashay village to Alan Roy in June 2016 ,
-  a willing donor, Peter Pearse, proposed by African Book Box Society
-  dozens of emails, texts and conversations with Mr Jublate Mnenye of the Karatu District Council Office and Mr Angelus Ngonyani of the Regional Office of the Vocational Education and Training Authority (VETA),
- 4 months of design; several design concept drawings, 3D renderings, 15  technical construction drawings,
-  a construction contract with the best local builder, Restus Amma Sanka, in June 2017,
-  many hours of long distance co-ordination calls with Restus
-  5 months of intense site activity; excavators, concretors, bricklayers, carpenters, plasterers, painters, plumbers, electricians, furniture builders, roofers, artists, signpainters, and landscapers,
-   a new name for the school, complete with new school logo and motto,
-  1 day of ribbon cutting, political speeches, gift-giving, celebrations, TV videos, photos, a local meal, and the planting of the commemorative Flame Tree by Peter Pearse...

we have...

a beautifully built 3-building trade school complex fitted out with office furniture, custom designed workbenches, electrical and plumbing tools and equipment, sewing machines, and computers, ready for regional as well as local students to begin their academic and practical training in electrical, plumbing, tailor/sewing and computers.

A special acknowledgement to Restus and his crew of dedicated Tanzanian workers who worked tirelessly in the hot sun to get the project finished on time for the opening, and to have produced such a quality product. The motivating principal of Restus' relentless intention for superior construction was to set a fine example for the trades students. He has achieved this.

This project would also not have been possible without the successful collaboration between PSFA and African Book Box Society, who found our visionary donor Peter Pearse and worked with PSFA every step of the way. Thank you Peter Pearse, Anne Pearson, Ruth James, and Birgit Castledine.

With construction complete and the building fitted out, the next immediate challenge for the District and VETA is to provide staff and programs to have the facility up and running as soon as possible, possibly by January 2018.

We will see how this facility progresses over the next year or two and hope that there will be more demand for additional trades. If so, we can consider more phases of development to include teacher residences and more workshops; carpentry, auto mechanics, hotel management and welding.

the new trade school
raising an welding the flagpoles

Alan sign painting

ribbon-cutting; Peter Pearse &
guest of honour District Commissioner
Madam Theresia Mahongo

Peter Pearse planting the 
commemorative Flame Tree

Certificate of Appreciation to Peter Pearse
Plumbing Workshop

a new name, logo and motto

Artist Chasaki and his 3 murals

instant lawns, with a row of flame trees, where grass was planted, one blade at a time

Builder Restus Sanka, African Book Box Society's Anne Pearson & Ruth James,
PrimarySchool For Africa's Alan Roy

Anne, Ruth, Alan, Peter Pearse with wife Penny, Madam Theresia Mahongo

Gongali Primary School Graduation
A momentous occasion...

After seven years, the first graduating class of our charity's first school

26 children finished Standard 7 level schooling at Gongali Aslini Primary School and when asked the question, responded that they will continue with higher education, very fittingly so, at our Edith Gvora High School, then would either attend University or our new Flame Tree Vocational School.

A celebration included the usual political speeches, gift-giving, and local entertainment. but the highlight was the wonderful singing and dancing performances created by the 26 pupils who graduated. 

It was such a pleasure for PSFA to see our first graduation. We waited 7 years for this moment, the culminating justification of our work here in Tanzania. 

entertainment by graduating pupils

Guest of Honour District Commissioner
Madam Theresia Mahongo and Alan Roy thanking
teachers and giving gifts to pupils 
PSFA Director Peter Daniels getting "robed"
as an honourary village elder

L to R: Peter Daniels, Ruth James, Head Teacher Magreth Macha, Anne Pearson, Alan Roy

Gongali Primary School is functioning well, but showing signs of wear and tear with the first 2 classroom buildings. Maintenance work involving ceilings, doors, concrete patching and painting is needed in the near future. But at this point,  
It urgently needs... an administration building - $30,000; extended water piping system - $15,000; more curriculum books and school supplies.

Gongali Primary School head teacher Magreth Macha with a class of pupils

an outdoor preschool class
teacher Gloria Luogo with class

Gongali Primary School - all 7 classrooms in 3 buildings

Simba Milima Primary School

A new little school surviving...

After one year, this remote 2 classroom school with 2 teachers and 82 children is doing well despite the lack of electricity, an inadequate lunch program, insufficient curriculum books, and the
urgent need... for a water system to the site - $17,000; and an additional teacher residence - $20,000.

But we are continuing to develop this facility. Our sponsor donor, Safari Partners Inc of Vancouver BC, has committed to this years funding for a pipeline project to bring water to the site as well as a second teacher residence so that teacher Emmanuel Jacob can move out of his temporary habitat in the administration building storage room and finally bring his family to the school to live with him in a proper home.

the development plan for 2017
searching for a water pipeline route

the communal kitchen, 
for lunch preparation
basic corn and bans for lunch

Head teacher Loatha Paulo with kids


Head teacher Loatha Paulo in his "modern" 
kitchen, cooking with gas

The African Book Box Society's work has begun...

Anne and Ruth are delighted with their new relationships with our Karatu District Schools. They met with the teachers and students of Gongali Aslini, Simba Milima and Edith Gvora schools to organize the supply of curriculum books and enjoyed some class time with the students reading stories and leading them through some fun exercises.

Anne and Ruth leading a fun exercise

Ruth storytelling

Ruth's computer gift to Loatha
Anne's gift to Deborah Christian

We visited our other schools too...

Peter Daniels and Alan Roy visited other PSFA schools to determine their most urgent needs...

Kilimamoja Ayatsere Primary School

Urgently needs... kitchen/dining building (with food program) - $35,000, extended water piping to kitchen and residences - $12,000; curriculum books and classroom supplies

Tidivi Primary School
Urgently needs... 2 teacher residences - $38,000; water piping system - $15,000; curriculum books and classroom supplies

Edith Gvora High School
Urgently needs... kitchen/dining hall (with food program) - $35,000, extended water to toilet building and administration building - $15,000; equipment and materials for the new chemistry laboratory - $3,500; curriculum books and classroom supplies

Patricia Elizabeth Primary School
Urgently needs... kitchen/dining hall (with food program) - $35,000; water to site - $25,000; 2 teacher residence building - $38,000; curriculum books and classroom supplies

PSFA extends heartfelt thanks to all our generous donors and supporters. 

As you can see from above, our schools are in continuous need of further development as they grow in size with more pupils each year...

So please donate generously towards the education of these young children who are so eager to learn.

Visit PrimarySchoolsforAfrica.com and click on the "Donate" button, or send a cheque made out to:
"Primary Schools For Africa Society", and mail to:
3301 Wordsworth street, Victoria, BC, V8P4B9

Asante Sana Sana (Thank You very very much)  

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Friday, 21 July 2017



Work is now well underway for the new VET Centre in Bashay village, near the town of Karatu. It will serve the northern region of Tanzania. Construction started in mid June with a scheduled completion on 10 October 2017.
The first phase of the development of the Centre includes an Administration Building, Plumbing, Electrical and Tailor/Sewing workshops, a computer classroom and library and a Cafeteria.

first course of concrete bricks on cured slab

Restus (L) with local Member
of Parliament Willie Qambala
foundation trenching

walls rising

walls at full height
forming lintel beam on top of walls

District Commissioner (centre woman) with village officials 
Our builder Restus Sanka was delayed a week or so when trying to find a grader contractor (very rare) to do the site levelling. And when he did, the work progressed quickly, and is now on schedule. 

Restus is excited!  He promised that it will be built with to a high level of quality as would be expected for a facility that houses training for the building trades where its example of superior construction practices can be useful for the students there. 

The community is excited too. There are regular visits by the District Commissioner, the village Mayor and the local Member of Parliament. They believe that this facility has been too long in the waiting to help solve the youth unemployment crisis in this northern region of Tanzania.

21 October 2017. That's the date of the Centre's official opening that will be attended by a number of us from Canada including two of our Directors, Don Gordon and Peter Daniel, as well as Africa Book Box Society's Anne Pearson and Ruth James. We look forward to what should be an amazing unprecedented celebration hosted by the District and village officials and community members.


Thanks to the generosity of Victoria's Africa Book Box Society, the "meal in a mug" food program is well underway at the school, with a lot of smiling pupils showing off their big shiny stainless steel mugs that provide a mid day meal of maize and nuts porridge.


Congratulations to Debora Christian, a student at Edith Gvora High School in Gongali Village, who has been selected to participate in the 2017 Women in Science (WiSci) Girls STEAM Camp in Malawi. WiSci is a partnership between the U.S. Department of State, Secretary’s Office of Global Partnerships, and other private sector partners. WiSci is implemented by World Learning and Girl Up. 

Outstanding student Debora Christian
The selection process for this program was very competitive, with many highly qualified applicants. Due to her outstanding application and academic potential, it is believed that she will be an exceptional addition to a growing generation of female leaders in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) fields. 

Debora being congratulated by the District Commissioner

Project Funding Needed Now:

Tidivi Primary School - 2-Family Teacher Residence Building - $38,500
As of 8 March 2017, we have $19,000, but we need another $20,000, so please help us with your donations.

Please make out cheque to "PSFA Primary Schools For Africa Society", and send to:

Primary Schools For Africa Society
3301 Wordsworth Street, Victoria, BC, V8P 4B9

or with credit card, click on DONATION button on website www.PrimarySchoolsForAfrica.com

A tax receipt will be provided.

Asante sana sana (Thank you so much).

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