Gongali Village School

Gongali Village School
children at the Gongali Village School, built by Primary Schools for Africa in Nov/Dec 2010

Sunday, 22 December 2013


Hello Friends of Tanzania

Primary Schools for Africa Society had a fantastic year, thanks to our new and continuing supporters;

Artist Alicia Lee of Victoria continues to donate 50% of the proceeds of her painting sales to us.
BC Ferries Corporation has achieved their goal of raising funds to sponsor the construction of a classroom. Their classroom will be built in 2014.
The Make A Wish Foundation of Canada has selected us to realize the dream of a quadruple amputee to build a classroom in Africa. Their donated funds will sponsor a new classroom to be built in May 2014.
Our first “Coins For Classrooms” partner, Glenwood Elementary School in Maple ridge, BC, is creatively fundraising to provide sports equipment, school supplies and perhaps sponsor the cost of a classroom. And 30 Glenwood pupils are now starting up a pen-pal relationship with their 30 Tanzanian counterparts at the Gongali Village School.
Four persons are signed up for our first "Climb For Classrooms" fundraiser; a climb of Mount Kilimanjaro in Sept 2014. Proceeds will build a new school building. After their descent, the climbers will be treated to the opening ceremonies of the new classroom building. 
A special thanks to the major donors of 2013: Michael Stringham, The Crafty Grannies of Victoria, Darleen Finlayson, Don and Sylvia Hatfield, John and Judy Lutes, The Edmonton Community Foundation, Don and Charmaine Lovell, Greg and Ginny Langham, Sang Han, Alicia Lee, The Victoria Foundation (Anonymous donor), Maureen Van Wyck, Leigh Bradfield, Chongin Im, Hyuk Im, David Tolman, Stuart Wormsley and Robert Roy.

On behalf of the Directors of PSFA; Danielle Bassett, Don Gordon, Mark Burrowes, Peter Daniels, Blaise Salmon, I wish all our supporters a....

Friday, 20 December 2013


UPDATE NO. 1 - 21 Dec 2013

Hi All

Greetings from Africa Tanzania

This trip involves some very exciting and new developments to our work here.

The first involves the design itself of our current project, the Teacher Residence building. The construction is well underway. The floor slabs are done and the concrete brick walls are being mortared in. The rains have delayed progress a little, but the weather has been wonderful in the past week, so the workers are going hard at it.

This is a milestone project. For the first time, the design of these residences features an indoor kitchen, toilet room and shower room. As far as I know, this is a first for residences in this region, if not the country. I’m enjoying spending considerable time discussing the plumbing design with Mathew and the builder because it will be such a major lifestyle adjustment to more “modern” facilities.

Cooking outdoor with wood and its associated respiratory dangers will be replaced with a more environmentally friendly stove (wood or gas) that will sit on one end of a smooth concrete countertop. A sink with water supply will sit at the other end. The toilet will be a tiled finished room with a proper porcelain fixture to replace the outhouse. There will be a separate shower room. All waste will drain to a septic tank system. The overall effect will be tremendously improved sanitation. I look forward to the reactions of the new tenants.

concrete brick walls - 80% complete

The Glenwood Elementary Connection

Another unprecedented experience is a the initiation of a pen-pal relationship between our first Canadian elementary school “Coins For Classrooms” partner, Glenwood Elementary in Maple Ridge, BC, and the Gongali village school here. Thirty enthusiastic kids at Glenwood, under the creative guidance of teacher James White, each wrote a letter for their Tanzanian counterpart. They also gave instructions for the Tanzanian kids to do “5-line” art. I will be getting letters and artwork back from them to take back to Canada. I gave the package to Mark Mollel, one of the teachers at Gongali and he enthusiastically welcomed this experience for his kids. How exciting is this? How about the potential effect of this on the lives of the children from both countries; of injecting third world aid energy into such young minds?

More later in the next update.