Gongali Village School

Gongali Village School
children at the Gongali Village School, built by Primary Schools for Africa in Nov/Dec 2010

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Update 12 Aug 12 - Kilimamoja Village School


The villagers and tradesmen are working steadily to construct the 2-classroom school and it is on schedule. As you can see from the progressive photos below, the floor slab is done and the walls are finished, with the concrete lintel beam being formed with wood planks. Very crude construction (plywood for formwork is not available), but effective. I'm always amazed how the tradesmen can create a building with nothing but simple hand tools.

By the time I go to this project in September, the roof will be on, and the only thing left to do will be the final painting and cleanup, and of course, the official opening and celebrations where donor plaques to commemorate the generous donors will be mounted on the classroom walls. 

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